Designers from Uzbekistan, Georgia, and Russia descended onto the Almaty runway. The Mercedes Benz sponsored event did not disappoint, with a plethora of diverse and creative designers showcasing their latest looks. Off the runway, the vibrant looks from U.G.L.Y Studio made a statement. Additionally, the guest list was an international roster including MESS, Russian Vogue, and many more influential fashion creatives.

We breakdown some of our favourite looks from the showcase.

KURAGA took inspiration from the 80s with full denim looks and vintage cuts. The looks may have been rooted in the past but they had a modern feel to them.


ZHSAKEN used a collection of browns and neutrals with clear inspiration being drawn from safari wear.


Alima was chic and structured. Showcasing a stream of feminine yet strong jackets, paired with more delicate looks.


Assel was playful and vibrant. Making bold pattern choices paired with vintage cuts.


U.G.L.Y. collaboration was one of the most electric runways. Highlighting some of the seasons most popular trends such as fanny packs. Whilst incorporating a variety of fabrics and colours.


Aisho was classic, vintage and feminine. Combined with strong cuts to create the perfect looks.


Bibotta was cool, chic, and a little grunge. Using a variety of fabrics and vibrant colours that still produced a cohesive collection.


Sulu took 70s inspiration to a whole new level. From the bold hair styles to the fabric cuts. Putting their own spin on it, to create exciting looks.


Zherebtsov made a statement on the runway with dramatic and eye catching looks.


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