Fashion is a cycle where trends back after a long time from socks over heels to skinny jeans. Ugly sneakers become a trend during 2017 and Balenciaga makes the concept to the extreme. The “Triple S” of Balenciaga with “80- vibes” is catching the public’s eye from runway to real life.


Triple S has all features of a Balenciaga sneakers such as “real, heavy-duty, high fashion-spec footwear”. The design of Triple S is inspired by the dad trainers in 80s that chunky, bulky and unflattering. The popularity of chunky sneakers lasts in the end of 90s and this is the right time for them to return.



Source: Balenciaga Fall 2017 Menswear Collection – Vogue

Triple S has various colors from the basic to mix colors with panel overlays, mixed materials, and huge soles. The complexity of stitching panels with design elements creates the special looks for Triple S. Therefore, it has an old vibe and makes consumers feel that components are handmade. The upper looks of Triple S have the same design with running trainers to support physical activities. Besides, its sole is higher compared to running sneakers to increase the adhesion to the terrain. The sole reminds us of three different sports: running, track and basketball. Triple S is not only “fashion shoes” but also “comfortable shoes” for traveling.

Triple S popped up on social media since the release of its. From celebrities to influencers, all of them wear the trend. Since the popularity constantly increases, fast fashion brands such as Zara rip off the shoes to meet consumer demand. By this way, the trend still has influences in the fashion industry until now.


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