Fashion has taken many turns over the century. With the worlds, recent entry into 2018 where is fashion going? What’s the next step? Can the industry keep up with the evolving times?


One thing is for certain, the future of fashion is quite literally in the palm of our hands. Long held rules regarding fashion have slowly chipped away. Fashion designers are endowed with a new freedom, social media. It is difficult to predict the next phase of fashion, however it is clear that changes are happening. With the induction of Edward Ennuinful as vogue Britain’s fashion editor and a changing climate of diversity in models, style, and direction. The industry is striving to keep up with the times, in attempts at inclusivity


Social media has given rise to this latest fad. Brands and designers are changing the terrain in which they operate. Magazines are no longer our only source fashion Intel. Brands like IAMGia, the Australian based internet brand has made strategic use of Instagram to market their products. Collaborating with models and influencers with large followings to gain traction. Bella Hadid, Kaia Gerber, and Emily Ratajkowski are just a few of the names IAMGIA has worked with. Their looks are sporty, grungy and very of the moment. The brand has emerged as a new heavy weight within fashion circles. AreyouamI has also used Instagram/influencer branding techniques. The sleek and simple looks have been worn by countless social media stars and models. AreyouamI is also a brand created by an influencer who has been able to navigating the competitive market place because of the use of this particular branding. Matte Brand spearheaded by Briana Shanee Wilson has made waves with her brand. Utilizing the Instagram platform to act as a marketing tool. Her designs are beautifully crafted and her approach showcases the power of influence and hard work. The need for the support from larger retailers and brands, is slowly becoming less prominent. Fashion talents like Maison Cleo have managed to make a dent in the fashion scene as an independent and handcrafted business. The French mother daughter duo under the brand name Maison Cleo have become another Instagram and fashion favourite. It is not only the new faces turning to social media, big names and retailers are seeing the impact of influencers. Collaborating with Youtubers and bloggers to bring un-paralleled traffic to their sites. This often manifests itself in the perfectly curated social media trips organised by brands like revolve and beauty companies.  Brands have shifted their focus to the people wearing the brand, catapulting fashion into an entirely new age of advertising.


Attached to this digital age is a focus on innovation and ethics. Fashion faces the challenge of keeping themselves innovative, new, and constantly producing. They have combatted this with efforts in sustainability and attempts at technologically infused clothing. Transforming clothing into more than just what you wear. Combining apps with T-shirts and much more. Additionally, to stay up to speed with the ever-changing terrain brands have to produce more, come out with something new. Something that will catch the eye of the average instagram-er.



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