Tis’ the season for new fashion statements to be made during the holiday season! I’m sure this season you’ll be attending tons of Christmas parties, but what are going to wear? Nothing kicks off the holiday season, like a brand new dress to show off to your family and friends. Now’s a great time to add ‘holiday dress’ to your list, and find the perfect one to knock your holiday socks off.

Have you been questioning how and where? Well, I’m here to give you a few steps on how to find the perfect dress for those Christmas and New Year’s parties you’ll be attending this year.


Dress for the Occasion 

I’m sure you’ve received plenty of invites to parties, but you want to be sure you know the dress code for each one. The party could be a formal dinner, a casual kick back, or even an Ugly Sweater party. You always want to make sure you look the part. For example, if you’re attending a New Year’s Eve Gala, it’s great to consider gowns and other forms of elegant dresses. For a work Christmas Party, it’s great to dress according to the work dress code, but still throw in a casual element of your personal style. If you work in an office setting, a nice skirt and blouse is appropriate, and you could add your own personal touch with accessories. With a party that requires casual attire, you have more space to express yourself in the dress that you choose.



Consider What’s Trending

I’m sure you want to stand out in your dress, and a good way to turn heads is to be fashion forward. While shopping, it’s great to be familiar with the trends you may see in store. Red will always be trending for the holidays, whether it’s a bold red or burgundy, all shades are great for this season. Another fun element to play with is texture! A few textures to consider for this season are, sequins and glitter. Also, you can’t forget about metallic. Metallic is great for an edgy girl, looking to make a statement in whatever room she enters. Metallic silvers, golds, and even reds are great for the holidays. If you’re looking to keep it simple and classy, you can never go wrong with a little black dress. The color is flexible, and makes any dress style fit for the occasion.

You Make the Dress, Don’t Let it Make You!

What makes the perfect dress is the woman wearing it. Which ever dress you choose, you want to be cute and confident. Don’t be afraid to step outside of box and try styles you aren’t used to. It’s all about taking risks, but also finding something that makes you feel comfortable. Try on dresses until you find that one that’s screaming “Take me home!” The one that makes you feel confident, will make speak volumes. Most importantly remember, YOU make the dress, the dress doesn’t make you!

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