“When Couture is more than a Dress”. May Sobh is a Lebanese artist and designer. She graduated from the Lebanese American University with honors. In 1991, she received an award for the most distinguished work of art. May Sobh Couture offers a collection that suits women individuality and sense of style.

  • How would you describe your brand, May Sobh Couture?
    May Sobh Couture in a nutshell, values creativity and having a wild mind. My brand removes itself from the standard, I would say it is challenging to some people and cultures.


  • How can a designer describe himself?
    I think this is the most difficult question to answer, but the most important thing about me is that I am always true to myself and my buyers, very ambitious, fearless and mature enough to deal with life, farsighted and passionate about my work.


  • What is your daily routine?
    Well, I necessary stick to a daily routine of being a mom to my family, an artist and designer with a job. Both start with coffee time and end up at home, with a hectic schedule in between.


  • What is Beirut to you?
    It is where I live and where my lovely memories remain.


  • What brings interest in fashion industry?
    When fashion becomes unpredictable and capable of expressing people’s different personalities, this is when interest starts to kick in. Also, this relentless change and revolution in the world of fashion and creativity is what keeps people hooked and makes them want more.


  • How do you define style?
    I believe someone has a style, when there is consistency in their design or appearance that looks like no one but themselves.


  • Guide us through your design process.
    Design process starts from a scenery, epic music and an oriental mood of a film. These factors could easily guide me to dispute the first steps of my collection design in terms of title, then I focus on the main lines of the body and cuts to bring new forms.


  • What makes your brand different?
    My identity. I’ve always loved mixing up or blending fabric and accessories together to give a complicated work of embroidery and handmade details speak a lot about my style. Nevertheless, I dare to use paint or other materials and not just necessarily fabric to build on.


  • How do you produce and market the brand?
    I believe in changing the concept of design of each collection in order to have new ideas, so I look for fabrics that look new, original and appealing.


  • Who inspires you the most in fashion?
    In fashion, I always admire the most creative designs, the unusual sense of art and new vision for couture. Those who can go or are willing to go beyond limits to great pain are those who become the most distinguished among the crowd.


  • What are your focus and expansion plans in the future?
    I’ve always taken opportunities to expand my work like showcasing in the prime expos concerned with the latest fashion shows locally and abroad. Advertising in magazines focuses on attracting clients who like looking at photographs and shots of the artist’s work to collaborate with in the future.


  • What is the best advice you can give to young designers?
    Don’t be afraid to start from scratch, put the best in your work and don’t make design your career. Keep it your wonderful hobby. Sometimes you may feel hesitant and you want to quit, but be patient because success takes time. Failure is essential for success, so keep on moving and listen to your own voice.


  • Describe May Sobh in three words.
    Clothes beyond couture.


Website: https://www.maysobh.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maysobhcouture/

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