Maha has lived between Oman, Bahrain and the United Kingdom, where she completed her bachelors. Maha was the first Omani to attend the Youth Assmebly at the United Nations in New York. Being there is what encouraged her to create her page. She finds herself connecting and identifying with people of different backgrounds and cultures and her travels always carry special memories. As much as she loves dressing up, she is an outdoorsy kind of girl. Give her a bonfire with a tent on a beach or mountain cliff, a hike through a wadi (valley) and she will be at peace! For her, there is something so serene and centering about being in nature.

  1. Tell us more about yourself and your product!

I was born and raised in the GCC. I was always fascinated by how each country had its own unique culture and traditions, but as I grew up it became apparent that no matter where in the Middle East, Africa or Asia, all with such rich and diverse histories and people, it always fell back to women striving for this one image of beauty. This idea of women trying to conform rather than embrace who they were is what sparked my own journey of self confidence, which led to my ‘product’ materialising, my Instagram page: @curl.heritage. This is only the beginning, but already I’ve received support from around the world. Curl Heritage is a platform for the curly girls (and guys) of MENA. The region itself has a rich history of cross-cultural integration, it only felt right to represent (at least) a part of it.

  1. What is your passion?

If you had asked me this two months ago, I wouldn’t know how to answer you. My passion erupted as a result of merging my love for natural hair, and helping people. The page @curl.heritage is not only about curly hair, it’s about self-confidence through breaking the limited perception of beauty in the Middle East; and embracing their natural beauty.

  1. What are your favorite hair product brands?

Worst thing about being a naturalista is that there are so many brands to try. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on Ouidad, I’ve heard great things about them. I love Shea Moisture because they have something for everyone and are extremely affordable. So far, Deva Curl has been my number one. I’ve even been to the Devachan Salon in NY for a Deva cut. In terms of products though, Curl Junkies: Coffee-Coco Curl Creme has never failed me.

  1. What would you describe your style?

For me, it’s all about emphasizing my waist, so a lot of waist belts and high waists. Style mood is 70’s Hollywood glamour with a modern twist, think Gucci S/S 2011. Day-to-day style generally depends on my mood, from an oversized shirt with minimal make-up and my hair untouched to having every strand of my hair to my toes done up.

  1. What are your beauty essentials?

Two things I cannot leave the house without, is a highlighter and a pop of color on my lips. For my skincare, I absolutely cannot live without my Black African Soap. It makes my skin look and feel like velvet! I’m all about natural ingredients.

  1. How do you define success?

The meaning of success to me, is getting back up to try again after the Xth time of failing. It’s defying all odds and going after your goals despite the fear of failure, or what people will think or say. If you can do that, you’re already succeeding.






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