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Gucci, Fendi, Prada and Pucci – Italy has its share of luxury powerhouses that all pull out the big guns at fashion week. Needless to say, the week the fashion crowd spend in Milan is a very glamorous one: with lavish venues, big names flocking the show and season-defining shows.

Jaimie Foxx and Pamela Anderson front row at Dolce & Gabbana

Jaimie Foxx and Pamela Anderson front row at
Dolce & Gabbana

Francesco Risso made his debut this fashion week, taking over the ship of Consuelo Castiglioni. Risso is a Prada alum and loyal student to Marni, so the whole fashion thing comes naturally to him. He added bits of unexpected flair and funkiness that will attract everyone to the Marni stores.

The first Hijab-wearing model was signed to IMG, Halima Aden and was the talk of fashion week when she showed up on the runway of Alberta Ferretti and later at Max Mara.

Olivia Palermo front row at Fendi

Olivia Palermo front row at Fendi

This season, three Italian luxury designers – Valentino, Gucci and Moncler – all debuted eyewear ranges this fashion week in Milan.

Gucci and Veneta go Co-ed. Both powerhouse designers combined the men’s and women’s collections on the runway.

Moschino and its cardboard couture! Built around the idea of a rich clotheshorse whose gone dead broke, the show opened with models wearing neatly tailored suits to resemble packing materials with stamps included.  Scott’s message for Fall was simply to do more recycling and be more conscious of the environment. Then went on to wild printed pieces meant to be torn up Moschino magazine editorials. It then ended with a bang when George Michael’s ‘too funky’ blasted and the looks revealed the vintage kitsch from the infamous video clip.

Tom Hiddleston front row at Gucci

Tom Hiddleston front row at Gucci

The merging of politics and fashion theses fashion weeks were very direct in New York and very creative in London, leaving us wanting more for Milan. At Missoni, the focus was heritage and craftsmanship, very important principles in Italy. Versace offered up bold declarations of unity. And Dolce & Gabbana continued to diversify its runways with real people, of all ages, races and creeds. Jeremy Scott’s Moschino collection was part Haute cycling and part eco-fashion, which felt like a political stance, defining its own originality.

Milan fashion week closed with a memorial mass for Italian Vogue’s editor in chief Franac Sozzani at the Milan’s infamous Duomo.

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