How would you describe your personal style?

Elegant, bold, feminine and sexy.


Which social media platform is your favourite to use?

I believe social media platforms work in tandem with each other whilst maintaining a distinct audience and style. I find myself more engaged in snapchat and Instagram.


Do you have any style icons?

I don’t have a style icon. I am a very versatile person with an eye for uniqueness. I always encourage my followers to be their own style icons.


What made you decide to become an image consultant?

I have always been fascinated with fashion, ever since childhood, and I have always wanted to push this passion further. Being an image consultant means you are having the responsibility of helping people find what suits them best and more importantly what reflects who they truly are.


What are some of your favourite trends from this summer?

Robes are my favourite, Flashdance & puff shoulder shirts, asymmetrical layered skirts


Who is your favourite designer/brand?

My favourite designer is Olivier Rousteing one of the head designers at Balmain.




One item of makeup you could not live without?

I find highlighter a very essential item because it puts emphasis on the face and makes it glow.


What is one item every woman should have in her closet?

Nude shoes because it matches everything and is a practical piece that you can wear for any occasion.


How do you feel that Instagram is changing the way bloggers and fashionistas engage with brands and the public?

Instagram has radically changed how fashionistas and bloggers engage with brands and the public. Communication has become more direct and interactive. Today a picture on Instagram can reach millions of people. It has connected people; from fashionistas to brands and followers.


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