When someone mentions fashion weeks, they only remember modeling and fashion capitals of the world such as Paris, New York, Milan and London. However, fashion weeks still happen in other areas including Northern Europe. Oslo Fashion Week kicked off the Autumn/ Winter 2018 season with incredible designs. This time, brands selected to organize fashion shows at different locations from galleries, museums to venues. All the attention from the fashion industry paid to Oslo this time. Mess Magazine will review 5 best show with a high innovation and creativity.

  1. Admir Batlak

Admir Batlak blew a new wind in Oslo Fashion Week with his latest collection. Fashion is not only clothes but also an art form. Taking inspiration from fashion design history, social movements and youth culture, he created the combination of art and fashion. Instead of making the runway has a classical vibe, he selected to present his designs in the galleries, museums with “live dolls”.  Galleries and museums are the clearest forms to present art. Admir Batlak wanted fashionistas to have authentic experience when they enjoy “fashion – art “in these places. Each look demonstrated the classic feminine codes while commenting their relevance in a fashion contemporary context.  He used unique techniques to make intricate materials like “growing out of itself”. The striking use of color on designs caught all public’s attention and it helps “live dolls” are outstanding on white background. The beauty displayed proved to be very attractive and powerful; therefore; everyone will feel curious about the actual messages and political hints after seeing looks up close.




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          2 By TiMo

ByTiMo romanced the runway and made women fall in love with light flowery dresses. This brand is well-known for feather-light and floral dresses which have seventies vibe. This is a reason why we always have the vintage feeling when we see looks. In this season, designs of ByTiMo are focused on long and loose sleeves. Besides, using of lightweight and soft fabrics created the elegance of dresses. By Timo’s specialty is that everything is designed in-house by ByTiMo team. Floral prints and embroideries are exclusive and high-quality features and they are developed in detail from the shape, color, the arrangement of patterns. This is an Autumn/ Winter 2018 collection so we also saw cozy sweaters and fur coats as well. Basic sweaters were mixed floral pants while coats were worn outside of the dresses or combined with flowery scarfs. Although ByTiMo did not turn the venue into a vintage garden, the appearance of various flowers as the main pattern on looks made us immerse in blossomy dreams.




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         3. IBEN

Strong, ambitious, social, and playful are all things that remind us when we see the IBEN’s collection. Each piece of the collection has a certain style: it can be minimalist, masculine or captivating style. Other brands concentrate on the femininity and elegance, whereas IBEN wants to bring strong impression to everyone and made clothes get stuck in our head. This is made the differences between IBEN and other brands. This collection used heavy and rigid materials and textures such as English corduroy and Italian denim. In addition, premium knits and masculine cut overcoats are unique and outstanding designs of IBEN. The color palette played an important role in drawing people’s attention. A harmonious combination of ocean and dusty earth color or warm colors like orange with dark colors appealed fashionista. The modern of this collection also demonstrated through edgy makeup and braids on the sides of models. The light venue contributed to the reflecting exact colors of clothes and makeup.




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Inspired by vibrant energies from the city of Oslo, FWSS ( Fall Winter Spring Summer) presented unique designs on the runway of Oslo Fashion Week 2018. All the beauty of the city of Oslo shined and made us breathtaking. FWSS stayed true to their brand philosophy and tried to generate recognizable clothes. Inner beauty and strength of women were reflected in each detail of designs. This collection is perfect for modern women because it has a taste for fun and a sense of purposes – following her own rules, in life and in fashion. Knit sweaters, fur coats, blazers, jumpsuits, dresses, long sleeve shirts were mixed with fresh sneakers and mid-calf socks. Some of the looks were highlighted by shawls which are tied to the shoulder. Additionally, beige beanies were combined with long coats or blazers to emphasize the femininity of looks. Clothes of FWSS are suitable not only for the runway but also street-style. FWSS has won the Costume Award for best Norwegian designer three years in a row.




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           5. Michael Olestad

With the experience of working for Ann-Sofie Back and Acne Studios, Michael Olestad had a clear vision for his label. Through the medium of fashion, Olestad fully dedicated to express his own artistic voice, personal experiences and introspection. The designer experienced on different materials, especially drapery to open conceptualism in his collection. A daring use of colors, materials, shape, accessories brought a sense of modernity. The underlying elegance appealed a wide range of women and they cannot take their eyes off looks. Classical items such as trenchcoated, turtleneck and suits were re-designed based on Olestad’s style. Designs of Olestad are the combination of art and fashion from classic to contemporary. This lead to the poetic in each look.  Exclusive earrings and necklaces made the brand look like a high-end label.




Credit: Indigital Images

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