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MUA’s/ Photographers/ Stylists

1. High resolution photos only
2. 144+ DPI
3. Title of the editorial (or at least an idea for a title)
4. Photographer’s full name
5. List of the creative team involved (including model, stylist, make-up and hair, assistants, retoucher, etc.)
6. Brief 1-3 line description/commentary on the shoot
7. Any social media links that you wish to promote (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)


1. Example of previously published work, alongside a brief pitch for a feature/article (outline and opening paragraph)

2. The content you submit must not have been previously published anywhere else, either online or in print

3. All accompanying images have been source responsibly (i.e credited)

4. Any social media links that you wish to promote (WordPress, Blog’ Lovin, Instagram, etc.)


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