What is the story behind your brand?

La Petite Robe was born in 2007 and since then, the Collection has represented a choice of Style at very competitive prices.
In 2009, thanks to the cooperation with a new partner, the Brand started its expansion through international markets. It is sold throughout Europe, and United Emirates. In 2010 the Collection was introduced and has been very well received in the USA and Canada. We are currently selling in the best high-end department stores and the best specialty boutiques around the world.


Was it difficult to dive into the industry at the start?

I started in 1971 and at that time it wasn’t difficult. My brand was called Me Tarzan, You Jane and it represented an Avantgarde kind of style.


Chiara Boni, was one of the highlights from Monte Carlo Fashion Week this year, what has been your favourite fashion week to show at?

From the beginning of my brand La Petite Robe my favourite place to show has been Florence, because it’s my favourite town and the place where I grew up.


How has the digital age changed your branding? Do you feel the need to use influencers?

The Digital age changed a lot of my branding, I started using digital media in 2009. It’s important to use Social Media and to collaborate with relevant influencers.


Who is the Chiara Boni woman?

The Chiara Boni woman is a chic, international globetrotter of today. Frequent flyers, guests of the most prestigious hotels in the world, travellers around the globe with style.


Describe Chiara Boni the brand in three words?

Feminine, easy to wear, fashionable.


What is the key in maintaining a timeless and successful label?

Keep your mind open.


What is the most recent collection inspired by?

The Monte-Carlo Fashion Week was inspired by Undine of the Stromboli Island, an Italian island which is characterised by lavic black stones.


What is an item that everyone should own in her closet?

Little black dress.


What advice do you have for up and coming designers?

Be brave and follow your dreams.


Did you have favourite designer at the most recent Monte Carlo Fashion week?

I like the style of Tatiana Santodomingo Casiraghi.


How do feel about the most recent fashion trends, like corsets for example?

I love corsets.


What is some advice you’d give to yourself when you were starting your label?

For my last label, I advised to myself to be focused on my goals.


Do you have a favourite item from your most recent collection?

I can’t decide, it’s very difficult for me to choose just one item because I usually wear dresses I made 3-4 years ago or dresses that still are in my mind.





















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