Staycation. It’s much like a vacation except much lazier. Summer is the most exciting time of the year, it means vacation, swimsuits, and an exuberant amount of sun.


Now a staycation is very different to a vacation, for a vacation you typically leave the country you live in. However, staycations are rising in popularity and the activities and opportunities for a fun-filled staycation are numerous. We have narrowed down a number of staycation activities in both NYC and London.

A staycation goes beyond sitting in-front of the couch and binge-watching a Netflix series, it’s a time to explore the exciting city or state you live in. It is about taking time out to relax without the stress of plane trips and much more. The goal is to make it feel as close to a holiday getaway as possible. Try to avoid working, and focus on spending time with friends and family.


Always have a plan, with a staycation it is easy to slip into the daldroms of nothingness, so plan a different activity or place to visit each day. Really think outside the box, there are always restaurants, museums, and movies that you haven’t seen, so take a small trip outdoors to check things out.


If you have a car, drive to the next town over and have a day there, shopping, or doing any activity. In cities like London or New York, there is always an event going on in the summer that makes staycations very easy. Do not forget to take time to just relax having a pamper session at your favorite spa, with your friends. Or simply going out on a shopping trip and making a day of it. The goal is to separate yourself from your work and from your everyday activities.


Remember a staycation has no rules, except to relax, so take full creative control and explore your own surroundings, you won’t regret it.

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