Vetements has made a big move all the way to Zurich. Having formed solid roots in Paris the brand is taking its edgy pieces and the majority of its staff to the Swiss city.


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Many have wondered what this move could signal. Paris is known as hosting some the fashions most iconic and noteworthy brands. Yet Vetements, a brand known for its strong silhouettes, unique style with an urban twist has left what can be considered one of the most fashion focused cities in the world. It marks a unique shift in the ranking of fashionable cities. Every fashionista and business owner has been a buzz about the move, whether it was financial or is indicative of something bigger. Is Paris no longer the city for young creative designers?


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Reports from the chief executive officer and brother to the creative director of Vetements have accredited the move to environment. Most specifically, he stated that Paris is not conducive to their creative process according to Swiss paper.

Zurich has become a city with a rich cultural and creative environment from shopping to art to restaurants. The business friendly city has been transformed into a safe space for the creative millennials.


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