What are your biggest inspirations for your music?

My biggest is this! Go & look around. Everything is worth a sound, this excitement holds me bound, yeah
I found heaven on this ground.
What people did you most attribute your success to?

People say »only God can judge me. «
I found the God within me, so I’m going to judge me.
I realized there is no penalty,
3 stacks, thank you,
Jimi, Warhol, Rocky, for enlightening me.
But to live it up I and no one else had to push the standards up.

How do you spend your time when you’re not working? 

As I’m up and coming, I’m never not working.
It is really pleasuring that my passion has me earning.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I want to be on tour, moving with amour, every move is sure, still plenty to explore.


How did you discover that rapping was a passion of yours?

I realized my story is unique and music is my fix,
so I put it in a mix, I guess that is why I spit.

What other rappers do you look to?

Dropping names?

Thug, Future, Weezy, Rocky, Travis, 3 stacks,Doctor, Gucci, Diddy,

What are your favourite fashion pieces to complete any look?

Fragrance and rings.

Where was your most memorable show?

All are very memorable because they show growth.
If you had a message that you want your fans to gather about you and your music, what would it be?

It is in my name already.
W A R for Wish and Receive
H O L L A for Hold on Love, Live always.

That’s all you need to take home.


Photo Credits:

Tim Raack  Instagram.com/timraack

Thomas Kakareko Instagram.com/thomas_k


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