Whether it be the lavish parties with the champagne towers, the showstopper shows with the extravagant designs, or the ridiculously famous guests that shine out a sophisticated aura around them, everyone love’s New York Fashion Week in their own way. We reckon the reason most people keep coming back and wanting more, is for the whole exclusive side of it, the fact that you can only see these things if you’re part of the elite. The main focus that stands out for us, though, the one thing that we look forward to the most out of everything Fashion Week entails, doesn’t actually require your name on its list at the door. We hope you feel the same as us, when we say that the Street Style encounters that we have during the week always get us raring to go the most.

If you happen to be wandering through the streets during Fashion Week, then you most definitely will bump into some stylish people who look like they’re wandering the streets too, just a bit quicker than you. Well, not quite. They’ll most likely be bloggers, editors, or off-duty models, who are all in a hurry to get to their next show or to the tents at the Lincoln Centre. Luckily for you, we’ve found the ones that you wish you had stopped to ask where they got their new suede boots from, or that fur gilet draped around their shoulders, and put them all together on here.

During Fashion Week, New York always promises to be full of fashionable people in their fall OOTD’s who surprise us around every corner we walk. Well, New York has delivered its promise, as always, and so we have snapped up our 10 Best Street Style’s that we have encountered so far. Hope you enjoy, and get some inspiration for your own wardrobes.


DSC_1922_Carola_de_ArmasPhoto by Carola Fingerhut de Armas

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