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Dear Cara Delevingne,

I love you.

We all love you. And not in the weird and creepy “I will find out where you live” kind of way, but in a way that we just want to be you. Maybe we could hang out? Or maybe we could drink copious amounts of wine and perfect our beat boxing skills?

There’s just something about you, something so different to the rest. You are not what anyone expected and that is what’s so exciting in this industry. By now, we have come to appreciate the energy you bring. It’s in the way you talk, the way you walk and the way you just don’t care. You were fortunate enough to be born into privilege, something I feel that you have not only had to defend but have also had to reject. In a way I guess this is what inspired your rebellion against what the fashion industry defines as right. Whilst models walk in straight lines, you gallop, skip and jump to your own beat, and as they look like they’ve sucked on lemons you smile from ear to ear.


We are living in a digital and free world, where individuals no longer rely on print media to promote themselves. Models and celebrities now have the power with access to social media, which allows them to reach bigger and more diverse audiences. You have taken advantage of our curious minds and have allowed for us to catch a glimpse of your exciting and fast world. There are 7 million of us following you on Twitter, 6 million on Instagram and 1.2 million likes on Facebook. Is this not evidence of how captivated we are by you, but more importantly how inspired we are.

But whilst your attitude wins you in every personality test, your sense of style comes in at a close second. It must help that you’ve opened and closed runways for the world’s top designers, in particular for Chanel. Who could forget “Reincarnation” by Karl Lagerfeld? You stole the moment away from Pharrell Williams, with your cheek and stunningly beautiful transformation as the Austrian Princess.


I appreciate the fact that you like to shake your style up – it’s where vintage meets designer. Laid back and casual is how I would define it. Again, we’re seeing the rebellious attitude of ‘I don’t care’ shine through, especially when your Chanel comes in the form of a hooded pullover. But no matter the occasion, you know how to make it work leaving everyone in your fashionable wake.


Whilst they’re saying you’re the next Kate Moss, I would like to think not. Kate was a league of her and I think you are too. Kate was once the face of difference, whereas you inspire it; so here’s to hoping you can still do so much more.

Keeping it real,

Just one of your 6 million followers.


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