#2014- Rise of the real woman?

In January, high street retailers such as Debenhams announced they were to begin using plus sized models in store to promote their clothing. Along with American Apparel’s infamous, and -ahem-, ‘bare-all’ approach to promoting their lingerie ranges, 2014 is set to be the year of the real woman revolution.

Mark Fast set the standard in 2010, when the models he used in his London Fashion Week S/S11 show were much curvier than the typical supermodel. He used women who were a size 14/16, and 5’5; a contrast to the statistics of models, who are on average size 6/8, and 5’9+. Critics praised Fast’s beliefs in reaching out to the average woman, and he has been opting for using ‘plus sized’ models ever since.

However, curvier models had their pinnacle breakthrough when IMG announced in February, weeks before the beginning of their New York Fashion Week, that they would be promoting and advertising their plus sized models, such as Ashley Graham and Danielle Redman, by the same standards and exposure as they do for some of their supermodels, such as Chanel Iman, Karlie Kloss and Gisele Bundchen.

Personally, I believe that 2014 will bring the belief that relevant women will create a relevant industry. Supermodels are perfect for promotion of brands and houses, but what everyday does not want to see that women like her can conquer and own a runway just the same?

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