It’s sad but even though we are two decades into the third millennium, there are still people who think that a woman has fewer chances to be recruited into an important job position. Do you think it sounds weird or impossible?

Job Recruiters And Sexist Discriminationsexist recruiter

Despite all the advances of all the feminist movements, it still seems that being a woman is a sort of disadvantage for certain aspects of life especially in certain markets where men are the only ones to lead the employment process. But probably the worst thing is that you wouldn’t expect to find sexist people even in the world’s most advanced countries because this is where women seem to have the same rights as men. It’s one of the biggest contradictions of our time, that’s for sure.

But how can a woman or a young lady access the world of employment without going through sexist discrimination? Because that’s a common fact. A large part of job recruiters tend to prefer hiring males instead of females and that’s not a matter of carrying a better CV or performing better job interviews. It’s simply because males are preferred to females because of cultural issues. Nobody wants to accept it, but it’s what those job recruiters show with their attitude. It’s because they think somewhere in their mind that “women are inferior to men”.

Different Jobs For Different People

Of course, there are certain types of jobs that are more appropriate to men than women. For example, have you ever seen a woman working as a locksmith? Or a man working as a babysitter between nappies to change and baby bottles to prepared? Locksmiths are usually men because they can carry certain physical fatigue better than women, in general.

Consider that locksmiths usually get their hands dirty when working… that’s not good for a lady! Without talking about handling tools like laser-cut machines to duplicate keys! However, national locksmiths from the most emerging companies don’t discriminate against women and you can find some locksmith women in the industry, and no additional fees for using top advanced tools and instruments, check to get a comprehensive overview into the prices for either emergency assistance and maintenance services in all of the existing locksmith fields.

Tips To Get Ready For Our Job Interview

This is just an example to give you a clue about the reason why certain jobs are usually destined for men while others are almost always given to women. But there are also many jobs out there that don’t require specific physical features, like desk jobs, so you can compete for them equally whether you are a male or a female. And it’s exactly for these jobs that we want to help you!

As a woman, you should take into account that you may have bad luck and meet one of those recruiters who prefer men. Don’t be scared, just prepare yourself:

  1. You must sell “yourself”
    Be confident in your skills, think of them as total unique resources in this world, so you’ll be able to depict yourself as the candidate number one for that job position. As long as you are deeply convinced about your unique skill quality, you will be able to convey the same impression in the people around you.

  2. Body languagehandshake
    Take care of the way you move your hands, neck, shoulders, and head when speaking to someone. Practice sitting in front of a mirror and check your body language. Learn that a firm handshake is the most powerful way to start a relationship, especially if the recruiter is a man. A solid handshake will give him the sensation that you are strong, determined and you know who you are and what you can do. Make sure your tone of voice is relaxed and quiet, avoiding high-pitched tones.

  3. How to behave with inappropriate questions
    Oftentimes, recruiters ask candidates about their families. Questions like “are you married?”, “do you have children?” or “are you going to have children?” are illegal. So, one of the smartest answers you might give a recruiter on this point is “I’m fully committed to exceeding the goals with this job” or “I am available to accept the job and do my best to meet the challenges coming with this position”.

The bottom line is that you should be aware of what you are getting into with the job position you are interested in. Make sure you agree with the typical salary you may be offered for that job position.


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