Are you sure that women and men have the same brain and the same mental skills? We all know that women and men have different bodies with very different skills, endurance, muscle strength, and elasticity. But now, researchers found that females and males differ also with respect to their mental skills and brain structure.

The World Of Jobs For Females And Malesmale and female brains

There are indeed certain jobs that are better suited for men and other jobs that are typically good for women. Think of a locksmith. You get the idea, locksmiths are men. Would you ever expect to see a woman repairing car door locks or duplicating home door keys? Take a look at the most popular locksmith companies of our country just to see that or read the about us page of Get Locksmith, an emerging nationwide company with hundreds of offices all through the States.

Similarly, what about a kindergarten teacher? You already know that we’re talking about a job for women. Children feel more at ease approaching a female teacher as she reminds them of their mom.

However, numerous job careers seem to be good for either sex. This is the case of white-collar jobs or medical careers. Although there are natural differences between females and males, such jobs are based on knowledge, competence, and education rather than on physical features.

Everyday Situations That Show Differences Between Female And Male

Probably, many people already suspected that we aren’t all the same. Psychologists, for example, have a pretty deep insight in the main differences between the way women think and the way men think, without mentioning the approach to life situations, the capability to process life experiences and even traumas, the way we get involved in feelings like love, for one thing.

We’ve put together a list of interesting life situations (mostly taken from everyday life) that show you pretty clearly how females and males tend to behave differently. Such differences are due to either ancestral features and genetics, which means that we can’t help avoid them. We only must accept our differences and take advantage of our best skills knowing that females and males are made to complete each other, not to compete!

  1. Career and success
    It’s been seen that most women want to achieve a family balance and they are more likely than men to sacrifice their professional life for this goal. It seems that balance and recognition have a major role in women’s lives, while men focus more on money and recognition.

  2. Emotional feelings
    woman in tearsWomen are historically “connected” emotionally speaking. This common idea suggests women live their emotional life in full connection with their hearts and soul. That’s why most of them usually complain about men who look like they can’t be as emotional. This gender gap can be explained with the fact that women are “genetically designed” for communication and sharing, so they can express and convey their feelings better than men. It’s not only about having a higher level of skill in verbal communication, but it’s also about being able to put in words what they feel in the heart. Men, on the other hand, express their feelings in a completely different way (which causes misunderstanding between the two genders). Men seem to “put on a mask” to hide what they feel because they tend to conform to a historically old societal image of men like people who have to always be strong and balanced. Men are afraid to corrupt such an image by letting their emotions overdo their social behaviors.

  3. Conflicts
    Women and men respond to conflicts differently. Most women tend to end conflicts in tears, talk with friends about the conflict and try to understand why it happened and how to behave afterward. Again, communication is a center stage in women’s life. On the contrary, men might end in an outburst, then they tend to look for distractions. According to psychologists, women feel conflicts more deeply which causes much more stress and emotional tension.

  4. Relationshipsmale friends
    Women have a pretty diffused fame for having a lot of friends and, above all, for sharing their hidden secrets with them. For men, things are different, as they tend to avoid confiding in each other unless there’s a very important reason. Although men would like to receive emotional support from their friends, in real life, this doesn’t happen if not rarely because of societal conditioning.

The bottom line is that both females and males have the same feelings, what differs is the way they express them, the way they feel the impact of life situations, and the way they behave with their friends.

All these differences make the human genre complete, diversified and prone to evolution.

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