Not all women are crazy about fashion but most of them are passionate followers of all clothing fashion trends. And it seems that this tendency is more evident among women rather than among men of all ages and social positions.

Dressing Is A Weapon Of Attraction And Self-AffirmationVictorian dress

For an average woman (including teens), being able to dress stylish is a sort of challenge. It’s a way to tell the world “Look at me, I’m better than any other female on earth!”. In a nutshell, fashionable dressing is a weapon to succeed as a female. And when a female can attract the attention of males, that’s a true win!

This is a simple explanation about what clothing represents for women and how it is used to look more eye-catching than other women in the eyes of men. But fashionable clothing has also one more role in women’s vision of the world. It’s a weapon for self-affirmation in society.

Even in past centuries, chic clothes were usually associated with the idea of personal elegance, financial wealth, social relevance. Ladies used to wear complicated and colorful clothes in the Victorian era, for example, full of embroidery, needleworks, laces, and every kind of refined embellishment.

Different Occasion For Different Styles

Let’s jump to current days – our contemporary society expects us to dress in a specific way according to the occasion and kind of place where we have to go. For example, when you have to go shopping for food you wear comfortable and practical clothes. But if you have to go jogging, you’ll surely choose to wear appropriate sports clothes. Finally, if you want to spend a special evening at a casino (no need to be the most luxurious casino in Las Vegas!), you want to wear an elegant and refined dress. Let’s consider that almost all casinos (at least, those of a certain level) have their dressing etiquette, so if you want to be accepted in there, you have to conform to that etiquette.

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Stylish Tips That Every Woman Will Like

The bottom line is that every woman wants to look more beautiful, attractive, and elegant. However, dressing chic and elegant might be seriously difficult. Let’s think of it as a skill to master. All you have to do is to understand the potential of such skill and improve it over time. Practice, time, consistency is your best allies! Do you need some pieces of advice? Feel free to take note of the following tips:

  1. Organizationorganize a closet
    Put your hands on to your closet and start organizing it rationally. If you want to make a great outfit, you need to have a good insight into what you have in your closet. Declutter and give a new order to your clothes. You can donate your old clothes or you can even sell them if they are in good condition.

  2. Shoe rack
    The above tip goes also for your shoes, especially if you have many pairs of shoes. Make some decluttering, then buy a shoe rack and put your best pairs of shoes in it, so you’ll have a better vision of what shoes you can match with your outfits.

  3. Top and bottom
    Oftentimes, people are in a hurry and don’t pay too much attention to the kind of clothes they are wearing. Rule number one is to match the top with the bottom. Pick a T-shirt and make sure it’s well-balanced with trousers or a skirt. If you want to wear a dress from top to bottom, pick a cardigan to match with it.

  4. Matching tip
    When you match clothes, you have to pay attention to several factors like colors, style, fabric. Avoid to match colors that have nothing to do with each other… you may look ridiculous. For example, if your T-shirt has black letters or any other pattern, you can match a black trouser.

  5. Style
    Above all, make sure to define your style. If you can’t create a personal idea of style, pick a style concept that meets your vision of life, your personality, everyday needs. If you love sports, you may prefer to choose a sporty style. If you work in a bank or at school, you may choose elegant clothing. The important thing is that you feel at ease with the style that you’ve chosen.

Finally, don’t forget that you’ll have to have fun creating and trying different outfits before you feel ready to go out!


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