We all know that we would prefer a pulled pork burger with the extra trimmings and fries (mmhm) to the 5 a day things we called veg and fruit, but we have found the 5 top green foods that you should be sneaking into your daily routine -come on girls, it’s not too bad!


The ultimate green vegetable that is packed full of vitamins including vitamin C and iron, making it the perfect antioxidant to fight diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s. Broccoli is also known for keeping your bones and heart healthy as Broccoli consists high levels of calcium that is important in the prevention of osteoporosis and it also includes an anti-inflammatory property that helps lower the risk of a stroke or heart disease.


Avocados have had a massive impact in the health and fitness industry, with many celebrities standing by the avocado and its health benefits. Most people do not realize that avocados actually contain more potassium than bananas, with high potassium intake being linked to lowering high blood pressure. Avocados are also proven to lower cholesterol.


Kale is known to be the best green food to fight cancers; it also has bone-boosting vitamin K and even anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. It is also high in iron, which is essential for good health. Kale is very low in calorie and has zero fat but is very high in fiber – not to mention, kale is also a great detox food!

 Health Benefits of Kale for eyes, skin, nails and hair



The surprising thing with spinach is that actually cooking it increases its health benefits as the body cannot completely break down the nutrients in raw spinach. Research also shows that bright vibrant looing spinach leaves contain much more vitamin C than spinach leaves that are of a paler colour. Spinach contains lutein. Never heard of it? Neither did we! Lutein carotenoid that is protective against eye diseases.





High in both fiber and water content that helps to lower the risk of colon cancer and prevent constipation. Asparagus is also known to help maintain a healthy heart and has been found to lower the risk of depression. Asparagus is known to have anti-ageing benefits as well (ditch those botox people) by containing the antioxidant glutathione that also helps protect the skin from sun damage and pollution.


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