Traveling is one of the most amazing experiences one can do in his/her life. There is nothing as the feeling of landing on a new soil, ready to explore a new city, to get lost in adventure, to discover new cultures. Whether you are planning to visit a new country or to chill out on a Bali’s beach with hair colored by the sun or to explore the Grand Canyon, here is a list of five things you should absolutely avoid doing when you travel!


  1. Don’t put your whole wardrobe in your suitcase

It’s probably one of the hardest things to do for girls but it’s also essential when you travel. Don’t just carry on a heavy suitcase for nothing. Check the weather upfront and pack accordingly, don’t over do it.

 ©Global Panorama on Flickr

©Global Panorama on Flickr

  1. Don’t skip the hotels’ second page reviews

When booking don’t just read the first comments. I personally did it and I ended up in the worst place ever despite the first page reviews were just fine. If only I scrolled down a little bit…


  1. Don’t arrive somewhere without a plan

Plan your visit upfront so to know where to go without wasting too much time. Plus, if you book tours and views upfront you will probably save some money. And don’t skip a visit to the tourist office: they usually have coupons and great suggestions.

 ©zoetnet on Flickr

©zoetnet on Flickr

  1. Don’t go to the ATM every day

If you are abroad, most banks will charge you a small percentage every time you withdraw. Limit your visit to the ATM once or twice a week and leave some of the money in your hotel room. Also check the currency exchange rate every now and then.

 ©Frank Hebbert on Flickr

©Frank Hebbert on Flickr

  1. Don’t show off

Don’t bring out valuable objects, especially on the street, and don’t give too much info to people you have just met.


Now you are ready to explore the world and let your intuition guide you!


Featured Image Credits:  ©fdecomite on Flickr

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