1. Research

When it comes to the fashion industry there are different aspects and job roles that make the fashion world go round. Job roles modelling to public relations – you really need to explore all the options, its important to incorporate your skills with hobbies to really enjoy working in fashion, for example if you love to draw clothes perhaps Fashion Illustration is for you. Or maybe you enjoy writing and see yourself writing columns in a magazine, you should look into fashion or magazine journalism. Another example of mixing pleasure and work is if you have a passion photography, you could become a fashion photographer capturing models and celebrities for the cover of top magazines.

2. Stay Educated

Once you have decided where in the fashion industry you see yourself, its time to get experience and educated in order to stay afloat in such a demanding and competitive industry. There are over 320 universities across the UK that provide degrees for roles in the fashion industry, universities such as London College of Fashion, Southampton Solent University and De Montfort University are all highly ranked by students across the UK. However if you feel like higher education is not for you, another way you can stay educated about the fashion is by taking up an internship. As an intern you will be working in your chosen specialism gaining experience, contacts and learning first hand if it is the right specialism for you.

3. Scrub your social media 

With the evolution of technology social media has become the go to place for employers to see what their potential employees are really like. So if you are serious about working in the fashion industry it may be time to clear out those embarrassing photos you don’t want your future boss to see. This is so that when a future employer will Google you nothing less than professional will show up.

4. Gain new skills

Whether its learning French or learning how to use Photoshop, gaining new skills will without a doubt increase your chances of working in the fashion industry. For example learning French will definitely come in handy when you are at Paris Fashion Week doing your dream job. Learning how to use Photoshop will definitely appeal to future bosses especially if you see yourself in the digital side of fashion.

5. Be yourself

When you get to your interview it is important that you be yourself and let your personality shine through. No matter what is being discussed during the interview having a sense of self and knowing who you are will be reflected in your creative work.

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