If you are a video game player, you can’t ignore the actual mobile game market trends. After all, you can always take these trends as your guidelines when looking for a new game to download.

As a matter of fact, a large portion of video game players chooses to play via mobile rather than via computer. You know, computers are pretty heavy to carry on (even the slimmest and tiniest notebook) while mobiles are practically always in your pocket. Sure, there are many video game players who download the same games on both their computer and mobile, so they can have their favorite game to play anywhere they are.

Diving Into The Mobile Gaming Market

As almost all game players, you are certainly familiar with gaming forums or other specialized web pages, for example, platforms where you can buy new games or blogs where you can get more information, but maybe you are missing sumahogames.net, a Japanese great mobile gaming-dedicated website that offers a really huge extension of tricks, news, updates from the ever-evolving world of mobile games.

Another reason why you are here is that you are a marketer or a game developer. If it’s so, you’d better get a look at the actual mobile gaming market trends so you’ll get specific news to use for your work. By analyzing the market’s trends of the past year, we can come up with a few trends that we should expect for 2021. In fact, many market trends are nothing but a direct result of technology advancements that occurred in the previous months and years. That’s why it’s fundamental to keep your eyes wide open to what already happened in this market.

Most Relevant Market Trends To Know

Hidden Temple VR Adventure

You’ll certainly thank us for showing you the most significant mobile game market trends that we all should focus on for 2021. It helps you orient your attention to what really matters in this industry, but it’s also pretty useful to gain extra knowledge and understand what direction the industry is taking.

  1. AR games
    It seems that AR has a lot to go yet in the gaming world. From people chasing virtual Pokémon on the bus or while walking on the street to the present-day, AR emerges as a strong and growing trend in the production of new video games. AR offers a high potential in terms of innovative gaming as the following titles suggest: “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite”, “Minecraft Earth”, Pokémon Go”, Jurassic World Alive”.
  2. VR games
    Virtual reality is also growing larger similar to augmented reality, but there’s a difference between the two: VR is more focused on computer and console games, while AR looks more specifically for mobile games even though many new Smartphones are compatible with both VR and AR. Some of the world’s most popular VR games include “Hidden Temple VR Adventure“, “Vanguard V”, “Proton Pulse”, “Hunters Gate”, Twilight Pioneers”.
  3. Mobile cloud games
    One of the newest services that seem to boost mobile games is newborn cloud gaming. It consists of processing a game on remote servers rather than on devices. In other words, you don’t have to update your computer with new hardware or buy a gaming dedicated mobile. All you have to use for cloud gaming is a 5G connection. Although it’s highly critical to human and animal health, 5G seems to be diffusing on the entire planet.
  4. Cross-platform gamesMinecraft
    Cross-platform games are gaining a lot of popularity among video gamers who use different devices to play games, such as a computer, a tablet, or a Smartphone. Consoles and computers are handy when playing at home, while mobiles are excellent when you want to play elsewhere. But if you want to play the same game on different devices, you can look for a cross-platform game to download on your devices. This operation allows you to keep your game progress and decide on which device to play. Here are a few interesting cross-platform games: “Minecraft“, “Fortnite”, “Call of Duty”, “Modern Warfare”.
  5. Hyper-casual games
    This recently emerged gaming trend has its roots in 2019, but it’s already affecting the gaming industry dramatically. One of the reasons why hyper-casual games are conquering a large space in the actual gaming market is because most hyper-casual gamers tend to watch ads more often than other gamers. Another reason is that hyper-casual gamers tend to download 10 times more games than other gamers. Among the most popular hyper-casual games, there are “Sand Balls”, “Fun Race 3D”, “Bouncemasters”, “Dig It!”.

As you can see, behind the success of these video game genres, there’s the opportunity to make money for marketers and anyone who advertises on the games. So, the definitive trend is above all the result of what the gamers show to appreciate or dislike.

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