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Creative block can be the worst and a rollarcoaster, however to us creative-ista’s in the industry it’s not always a walk in the park. From a designer, to a journalist, this is the process that most our Mess readers must relate to.

Stage 1. The Brief

Yes you’ve been given a brief. Looks like another language and you start questioning if you know anything about fashion, or creativity.


Stage 2. The Brainstorm

You start to improvise, and knowing you have this deadline and nothing there, you start the brainstorm. You have some ideas, bad and good, but it’s a start?


3. The Idea

Yes, you have struck gold. But from many scribbles, crossing out and some out of this world ideas you are nearly there, go on, get that creativity flowing!

giphy (10)

4. Okay, you start to hate it.

You’ve thought about it. You’ve proposed it, but know you at that part of the process where, well.. you hate everything you’ve done. Perfectionist right?

giphy (11)

5. It’s getting there!

Your on the right track. Go on, let those creative fuels go. (However in the back of your mind the deadline and criticism is worrying you and maybe you need some more coffee with that late-nighter?)

giphy (13)


You have you finished peice and well you are extremely happy with it. Well done.. but now for the meantime, next project please?

giphy (12)