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Health obsession has taken over social media recently. Countless online platforms and social media profiles offer us wide range of nutrition and exercise plans, tips and recipes. The environment puts great pressure on us to be fit, healthy and successful at the same time. Many people start wondering how they can balance their business, social and family lives and remain healthy. The solution can be working out at home. Here’s a list of the main benefits behind working out at your own space.


  1. You save your time and avoid temptations

Gym is a luxury these days. Everyone’s so busy that we tend to forget about importance of exercising. When you work out at home, you save your time on travelling to gym, gossip with your friend and visiting MacDonald on the way back home! It means that you will save time, money and keep yourself motivated and not distracted by trashy food everywhere…

giphy (19)You can do your squats in front of TV

Squats is the queen workout for every woman. Want a toned body? The squats are the right way to go around it. Can be easily done at home, in front of the television, or between chores! Squat is a quick and essential part for gaining the summer body. Take the squat challenge. It rocked a nation with near every woman jumping on to the bandwagon. Starting with 50 squats on day 1, and finishing on 150 on day 30, this will not only give you a peachy behind, but will also allow you to last longer on many workouts for the future.


  1. You can warm up and cool down anyway you want!

Forget being stuck on a treadmill warming up and cooling down. Working out at home will allow you to take stroll prior and after workouts. This means exercising, keeping your body healthy with a bit of a view.

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  1. You can do cardio, anywhere, at anytime

Even if it’s between TV programmes, or even while you are watching a show, all you need is 30 minutes a day of cardio and you are on your way to healthy body. Either, run, jump, skip in a spot for 30 minutes and you’ve done what you need for the day (no need for those sweaty treadmills)

giphy (17)

  1. You can invite your friends round, get a partner!

In need of a catchup? But your friend hasn’t joined the gym yet? Work out at home!

You can come up with the workout routine that will work for both of you and do it at home!

Let your friend be your best motivator in the beginning of journey for best body!

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  1. You have your own personal equipment

Sweaty handlebars? Broken cross trainer? That won’t happen at home. While paying for a membership is easy, if you are dedicated to work out for a while and even have it as a permanent part of your lifestyle, then invest in some equipment! It can be cheaper than a membership in the long run, with the advantages of not having to wait!

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  1. You can set constant visible goals!

While working out at home can be one of those ‘I’ll do it later’ type of things, creating a planner at home and placing it in rooms such as kitchen, living room or bedroom, you are constantly reminded of your goal. Instead of having the thought of travelling to the gym, seeing your planner instantly should make you feel motivated. Get those sweat pants on!