Are you going to leave your boring everyday routine for an amazing vacation? If so, you’re one of the luckiest people on earth who can afford to quit a job and family duties for fun and endless pleasure. We all need some time to take a break so we can get back to our regular life with more energy, but sometimes first-time travelers or even expert travelers may struggle a little with packing their suitcases.

untidy packingPacking Is Key To Successful Traveling

Packing is a crucial point in every traveler’s life. Think about what might happen if you forget something at home. As soon as you get to your destination, you want to find the nearest store to buy that thing. Or think about not being able to take those nice clothes with you because your suitcase is already full of stuff… that’s very frustrating.

Besides such inconvenient, consider that today’s modern suitcases have complicated locking functions, so make sure to remember your suitcases lock combination before you pack your stuff and go. One of the most typical incidents with suitcase locks is to forget the key inside. In this case, you can fix the trouble thanks to specific videos that show how to unlock a suitcase from outside (look for the brand and model that you have, as every suitcase has a different locking function). Suitcase lockout emergencies are not less important than home lockouts, the only difference is that for a home lockout you have to call a qualified residential locksmith to help you.  We suggest you consider locksmiths locator as your reference in the locksmith field as this company ensures customer’s high-class services and competitive prices, for all services, including home lockouts.

So, back to our topic.  Packing a suitcase for travel is kind of an “art” to learn and master over time and different trips.

Everything Begins With Organization And Rational Thinking

You may not believe it, but the fact is that behind a well-packed suitcase there are a few important factors. Great organization skills and a lot of rational thinking. For the rest, either you have a small suitcase or a large one, all you have to do is basically use our rules below:

  1. Make a list
    It’s important to know exactly what you have to put in your suitcase. So, make a selection of what to pack and create a complete list. It’s useful not only to know what to put inside but also to see if you already have everything or if you need to buy items you might need for your vacation.

  2. Roll clothesrolled clothes
    Most people tend to fold their clothes when packing a suitcase. That’s what you normally do when you put your clothes in the wardrobe, but packing a suitcase is a lot different. So, the best rule of thumb is to roll your clothes as tight as you can, so they will take less space than folded. Besides, rolled clothes won’t get too many wrinkles.

  3. Wear layers
    If you’re not leaving on the hottest day of the year, wear layers to make your suitcase lighter and to be ready for every weather condition. Besides, consider that air conditioning onboard planes might be either too low or too high, especially if it’s a long flight.

  4. Airline baggage policy
    The weight and number of suitcases that you are allowed to carry depend on the airline baggage policy for your ticket type, so make sure to read and understand this particular aspect. Certain airline companies permit travelers to check in one bag on international flights, but some others charge big fees for additional bags. Make sure that you won’t go through baggage issues either at the arrival airport or the departure airport.

  5. Personal items
    Experienced travelers should know that all personal items onboard planes are subject to strict controls and requirements. So, don’t put any scissors or knives or anything sharp into your purse or carry on bag. Security policies onboard planes are today extremely severe all across the world, no matter what is your destination.

  6. Essential items
    You will take valuable and important items with you in your carry-on bag, not in your checked suitcase. Items like your passport, flight ticket, mobile devices, and money should never be put in the checked-in luggage.

  7. Laundry
    Check for a laundry service in advance, so you will have a precise idea of how many clothes you need for your vacation. If you can find a laundry service or if you can wash your clothes yourself (depends on your accommodation), you will need fewer clothes and your suitcase will be easier to carry, especially if you have to take local means of transportation from the airport.

Finally, use packing aids to help you rationally organize your suitcase space.

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