We live in the age of air pollution, extreme fatigue and stress, use of perms and products that damage our hair. So, it’s not about if your hair is damaged, but how much it is. Stress is not only a mental status that impacts your mood and brain skills, but it also causes skin and hair problems. Dry hair is oftentimes the result of air pollution or exposure to bad weather conditions.

Change Your Actual Habits!

bad hair

Depending on your job and daily activity, your hair will reflect your lifestyle as a consequence. Don’t feel hopeless, we are here to teach a few important good habits that will improve your hair health and look over time. You only have to be patient and consistent to see the first encouraging results. It’s like when you see your favorite team losing a match… that’s frustrating but it doesn’t mean that you will stop supporting your team just because of a loss. Similarly, consistency should become your rule of thumb. Imagine that you are placing a bet on your beloved football team. New Sports Betting options allow you to get to more precise predictions, so your chances to win are higher. Well, the good rules for hair we want to teach you work exactly like that, they are meant to give you a good starting kick so you have better chances to have the beautiful hair that you’ve always dreamt to have!

Consider that the way your hair looks today is what results from weeks or even months of bad habits. Probably, you’ve never had the opportunity to learn how to wash and comb your hair the correct way, so you simply have wrong habits without being aware of it. It’s a common situation, you aren’t the only one and probably the number of people who ignore how to deal with their hair the best way is way larger than the one of those who can ensure their hair perfect health.

Get Our Good Rules Straight Away!

If you are ready to change your actual habits and adjust a little to give your hair a better look and health, go ahead with our tips below:

  1. Avoid getting your hair wet too often
    Water gets your hair frizzy and it accelerates hair breakage. This means that you shouldn’t wash your hair when it’s not necessary. Frequent washes cause hair weakness that you can’t repair so easily.

  2. Avoid powder shampooing
    A traditional shampoo works way better than modern powder products. Powder shampoos can only coat your hair, while traditional shampoo wash it properly eliminating grease and oil.

  3. Add a pre-shampoo routine
    Before getting to your regular shampoo, you should plan a pre-shampoo routine to smooth your hair’s cuticle before getting wet, this tip helps your hair avoid visible damages due to the contact with water and friction from massaging during hair washing.

  4. Sulfates aren’t a problem
    Many people tend to select shampoo products according to their content of sulfates. Well, there’s a piece of good news for you: sulfates or no sulfates won’t impact your hair health anyway! All shampoos contain elements that eliminate oil and color from hair and that doesn’t depend on the presence of sulfates. You should buy shampoos that are meant to repair hair damages as they contain proteins that strengthen your hair.

  5. Hair conditioner
    Probably, not everyone knows that air conditioners create a protective layer on hair against heat and sun rays. Apply your hair conditioner and leave it on your hair for 5 minutes, then rinse with cool water, so the hair conditioner elements will get distributed on the entire surface of your hair.

  6. More hair protection tipshair tips
    Have you ever used to add layers to your hair? Well, that’s a great way to protect it from air pollution, bad weather conditions, humidity, and hot sun rays. There are heat-protectant products and you can find them in all grocery stores as well as at hairstyling saloons.

  7. Blotting not rubbing
    After your regular shampoo, remember to blot your hair instead of rubbing it. Use a towel to blot it and avoid any frictional movement. Blotting is great to get more water out of your hair and, at the same time, it avoids your hair to break and get frizzy.

  8. Replace your actual towel
    By the way, it’s important to know that old cotton T-shirts are way more effective than most common towels. Plain cotton is more delicate on hair and doesn’t rough up the cuticle as much as common towels do.

As you can see, taking care of your hair isn’t that complicated – there are only a few new rules that you need to learn to give your hair significantly better health.


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