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For any true fashion fanatic (and perhaps a denim lover) Stockholm equals Acne Studios – celebrities‘ favourite jeans brand. However, there’s much more to ACNE than just that – it is the full package label, managing by the creative director with strong vision.

Jonny Johannson has already given us a gift this season – his Fall/Winter 2014 collection. When you go through the lookbook, it screams „modern“ and „stylish“ like no other, rather setting the trends than blindly pursuing them. The baggy pants, leather jacket, cosy sweaters (some of them with lines: „Spectacular Sensation“ and „You First“) – they give most of the men the impression that they simply cannot pull that one off. But if you split the lookbook silhouettes, it’s more than wearable – it’s desirable! The collection inspired by a winter beach is set in dim tones, with splashes of camel and blush from time to time. Anyways, it’s fantastic, but here’s another surprise straight from the cold, cold Sweden – Acne Studios just launched it’s underwear line!


To be completely fair – it’s not the first one, as Johannson has already tested men’s underwear during the 2009/2010 season. But this time it’s a bit more extensive and it contains pieces for women too. What exactly is there to be found? For your boyfriend there are boxers, briefs (normal and high waisted) and shorts. And your girl might fancy the briefs (they also come in two types, normal and high waisted). „Underwear should be beige or skin coloured, because I prefer no underwear“, said very honestly the man behind the project. How can we not agree?…

In the underwear collection Acne remains very minimalistic while also staying true to the explication of the ACNE abbreviation, which is „Ambition to Create Novel Expressions“. Let’s hope this is going to be a great success, because we would love the idea of a unisex undies, as „unisex“ is the keyword for Johannson.

What’s the next project for ACNE? That is yet to be reveiled, but we certainly keep our fingers crossed that it’s something exciting (maybe a collaboration like the capsule collection for Lanvin?). By that time, go ahead an buy your own ACNE briefs on acnestudios.com (exculively).










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