Alexander Ziarnecki ‘Luxury Confession’ Editorial


We would like to present to you the work result of my collaboration with the Polish BORSKA designer and Mercedes-Benz. The “LUXURY CONFESSION” photoshoot idea was to redefine luxury through a simple and blunt visual. Izabella Borska’s collection is minimalism and elegance in a nutshell, just like the new Mercedes S-klasse, which has been a synonim for amazing quality for the past few decades. The photoshoot has been held in a simple theme with contrasting elements which is a representation of the thin line between wealthiness and the gray and raw reality around us. The luxuriant world is a hermetic enviroment where most of us lack the acess to. High heels, the heavy scent of parisian perfumes mixed with the smell of quilted leather upholstery, the secret atmosphere – that’s a world everyone would want to be in… 

Photographer: Aleksander Ziarnecki /

Hair & make-up: Izabela Kolanowska

Style: Izabella Borska, Izabela Kolanowska

Designers: BORSKA, MILOV

Models: Anna Filipczuk, Paulina Gajewska, Paweł Ratajczak/Gagamodels, Przemek Kaczorowski

Special thanks for : MB Motors Sp. z o.o. and AirsConcept

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