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This Peruvian based artist was discovered by our editor and she loved her MESS-Y style. This graphic artist uses bright colours, collage and digital media to express herself and her culture in a beautiful and fashion inspired way. We were lucky enough to get an EXCLUSIVE interview and find out more about the digital savvy artist and what inspires her art.

There isn’t a lot of information about you. Who is Alexiacas? where are you from?

Alexiacas is pseudonym I use to submit my works of collage and digital art. I am a graphic designer from Lima-Peru. I started doing personal projects as a way of expression, and then took it to a professional level.

Your works are very bright and colourful. what or who has inspired this?

My inspiration from the beginning has been my son. And the memories and stories of my childhood. It started from the pregnancy stage. I wanted to express my emotions, I knew it was necessary, but I did not know how to show it. Until I found satisfaction among scraps of paper, scissors and digital media.

Do you have any future projects that you would like to share with us?

Currently, I am working on an experimental audio visual project. Keeping my style and adding value to all my work. The idea is to continue to enjoy what I am doing.

What is your ultimate goal?

My goal is simple, I want to continue sharing my work with many people, I think my inspiration came at the right time. It makes me feel happy to express my emotions through art.

Who are your inspirations?

Fashion, Photography, Music, Street Art, nature, my son. Actually I have many sources of inspiration. But among my favorite artists are: Raoul Hausmann, Hannah Höch, Kara Walker, Beth Hoeckel, Dash Snow, Matthieu Bourel, etc.