What was the moment or event behind the inspiration of #DAMUR?

To be honest, there was not a paid job in fashion industry in Berlin so I decided to build my own company.

What are the benefits to create a world without labels and how is #DAMUR the answer?

Labels are everywhere in this world. #DAMUR’s clothes also have labels; however, the different thing is that we try to break the stereotypes and encourage people to be comfortable with themselves. For example, one of our slogan is #IamSlut. Lots of people think being a slut is bad but there is nothing wrong with being a slut. Don’t care about how the outside world judge you, the important thing is how you think about yourself.

A lot of brands send a message with their clothing- what is #DAMUR’s message?

The message in our 006 is #YouAreNotBlackEnough. I got this inspiration from a series, one of the lines in that series was a white woman judging an American Latino woman as “you are not black enough to present for a law firm which is run by black people”. I think this is very ridiculous because firstly, there should not be prejudices just because of someone’s background; secondly, we are always being told you are not smart/pretty/thin…enough in our society. I mean, to what sense others have the right to tell if one is enough or not?

Why is your message different from other brands?

I think most of the brands only care about the profits and fame they can earn in fashion industry. But I want to do more in fashion industry, I care about social issues and I want to use my power to influence the way of how the public see and be serious about the different social issues.

What brand/designer do you see #DAMUR collaborating with in the upcoming years?

I would like to collaborate Supreme (Damur laughs). I think their design is getting boring and boring and I want to help them to be more creative with their design.

Where do you see #DAMUR in 5 years?

We will have our show at Bundestag and after party will be at KitKat club.

What would you like to see change in the fashion and clothing industry?

There are too many things to change, I don’t even know which one to start with. But the first thing is about the social media; I really dislike influencers nowadays because they only do think if there is money for them, I simply don’t believe this concept. However, I see this phenomenon happened in social media more and more. If all the media was all about money enable someone to work or put the effort, it is very disappointing and boring.

What upcoming projects/events would you like us to know about?

We are going to Paris womenswear fashion week in DACH Showroom in September and hopefully we will be able to meet more buyers and customers.

Pictures provided by Filip Kacalski (IG: @filip_kacalski_photography) http://www.filipkacalski.com

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