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We are pleased to share with you this amazing interview with singer/songwriter Aria Crescendo. Read how she did meet with Bono and Will.I.am and what makes her happy1.What are you trying to say through your music?

Aria: My album is called Beautiful Strange and it is all about being strange, but beautiful at the same time so basically it is all about being who you are and not be scared of it… Most of the songs are happy and up-beet so all I wanted is bring a bit of fun and happiness through my songs in this crazy world. 

 2.If you weren’t be songwriter/singer who would you be?

Aria: My second passion after music and dance will be yoga . I wrote a book about it and use to teach it on a tv show back in Paris so I guess I will have my own studio to teach people.

 3.You were discovered by Will.i.am – how that happened?

 Aria: Actually Bono from U2 introduced me to Jimmy Lovine – the boss of Interscope Records and Jimmy signed me for the Paradiso Girls project. This is how I met with Will cause he was a big part of my girls band when we started. 

4.You’re well-known from dope style, what fashion means to you?

Aria: Thanks 🙂 Well I am from Paris and I started modelling when I was 15. I did this because I wanted to earn money to live my other passions such as dancing, singingor practising yoga. Modelling taught me a lot about the fashion and styling and now I love going online and researching new brands or fashion designers, just for fun.

 What is your recipe for success?

Aria: HARD WORK, PASSION, COMMITMENT and really not giving up on something you love doing! If you never give up no one can beat you!

 We could have seen a little sneak peak from your album on your Instagram account, when we can expect the new album?

Aria: I’m still working on some new songs then I’ll have to mix the whole thing. I cannot say but maybe this summer my fans will be able to listen to new songs. I am not in rush.I guess it takes 6 month to build a rolls-royce and 13 hours to build a toyota !

 Which artists have influenced you the most in your life?

Aria: With no hesitation Madonna just because she is thy only pop artist that has been in music industry for over 30 years and still keep on going so it is very inspiring to me.

 What apart from music makes you feel happy?

Aria: Dancing, Yoga and other happy people around me make me happy 🙂 

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