Ashtiani is designed for the confident and sophisticated women who’s looking for modern and clean-cut designs. Started by Golnaz Ashtiani in 2011, Ashtiani is a collection of high quality pieces that are designed to last. It’s because of this focus on slow fashion that Ashtiani is available through Lone Design Club. 

Lone Design Club (LDC) connects people to ethical and independent fashion and lifestyle brands. They make it easy to access sustainably and ethically made clothing, accessories, and home goods, but they also offer experiences, events, and brand support for independent designers.

The iconic Papillon Jackets of Ashtiani, like the Short Papillon Jacket below, can be purchased through LDC because they’re made ethically and consciously in small quantities with high quality materials.   

“Adhering to sustainable practice, I firmly believe in conscious fashion. By focusing on my unique structured silk organza Jackets, I encourage my customers to adopt a personal connection to their purchase by investing in quality over quantity.” – Golnaz Ashtiani

Golnaz Ashtiani designs with the urban cool girl in mind, and her brand has won numerous awards. Her debut AW11 collection won the TFI Best New Labels award. Ashtiani was also named “one to watch” by Flare magazine in 2012, and “best emerging designer” by Fashion magazine in 2015. There’s no doubt that Ashtiani will continue to turn heads with its fresh designs. 

Photos courtesy of Lone Design Club

Written by Jessy Humann 

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