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After a successful pilot Balenciaga has formally launched a partnership with resale platform ‘Reflaunt’ which allows customers to resell pre-owned Balenciaga clothing and accessories in return for store credit. Reflaunt, founded by Stephanie Crespin, allows labels and retailers to connect with more than 30 websites such as Vestiaire Collective and Rebelle who sell second hand luxury fashion. Available in Italy, France, the UK, US and Singapore owners can schedule pick ups or drop their items off at participating Balenciaga stores where they are then taken for authentication and listed on a network of global marketplaces.

Why now?

Balenciaga is not the first high end brand to explore this option. In June Italian fashion house Valentino also announced they would sell vintage items collected from customers in exchange for store credit. Luxury brands have realised this is a smart sustainable way for their company to be in control of the secondhand sales of their products, while also allowing customers to be reimbursed and redirected back to them. Balenciaga say this step is apart of the larger picture to become a “fully sustainable company”  designed to “encourage the practices of reducing, reusing and recycling”.

The Impact

Reflaunt has grown by 25% every month in the last financial year and now has a portfolio of over 40 luxury brands. Customers no longer need to throw away or hold onto items they value as they now have a reliable, convenient way to let go of items whilst gaining something new in return. With around £140 million worth of clothing going to landfills every year according to Wrap, this is indeed the beginning of a much greener approach to fashion.

Have you got something worth selling?

There are a variety of resale sites where you can sell and buy luxury fashion items. Check out reflaunt resell services here https://linktr.ee/reflaunt_official

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