We, ladies, want to have a flawless skin with minimum harm for the delicate face areas. In addition, we would like the little correction we make to be invisible and also, it would be just great if there was also some kind of protection from the summer, especially now that the temperatures rise everyday. That’s quite a lot of demands for one product, and yet – there is one (at least one we love the most!) that puts a ‘check’ next to each and every one of those claims!

Estée Lauder is a well-known symbol of luxurious cosmetics and they are our choice this time, too. Their Double Wear fluid is everything you want from your fluid – it’s everything we mention in the section above! Light consistency doesn’t make you feel like a pierrot, it stays for the entire day and it doesn’t dry out your facial skin (or harm it in any other imaginable way). Give it a try yourself!


photo source: http://bit.ly/1r24wNH

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