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Bedouin is a European brand with a “less is more” approach. Created by Central Saint Martins graduate Andraya Farrag, Bedouin is inspired by the nomadic existence of the Bedouin tribes, and aims to promote simplicity in the fashion industry. 

Every Bedouin collection is ethically produced from responsibly sourced fabrics and is made by a small family-run team. Unsold pieces are donated to The Magic Drive, a charity focused on building transformational experiences for orphans and youth. It’s for these reasons that some of Bedouin’s pieces, like the Donia Dress below, are available through Lone Design Club. 

Lone Design Club (LDC) connects people to ethical and independent fashion and lifestyle brands. They make it easy to access sustainably and ethically made clothing, accessories, and home goods, but they also offer experiences, events, and brand support for independent designers.

Brands like Bedouin are helping change the fashion industry with their focus on slow and ethical fashion. Bedouin is especially designed for the free thinking woman who wants to create her own path and support slow fashion.   

Photos courtesy of Lone Design Club

Written by Jessy Humann   

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