What is it like to show at Fashion forward Dubai and what does that mean to you and your brand?

This is the third season that I have presented BEDOUIN at Fashion Forward. I hope to continue presenting there, because I love that I can celebrate with our supporters in the region. I also participate in London and Paris fashion week showrooms, which I love, however, at FFWD we also have the opportunity to share the journey of the brand with our friends, family, and customers.

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - OCTOBER 22: Models pose on the runway during the Bedouin Presentation at Fashion Forward Spring/Summer 2017 held at the Dubai Design District on October 22, 2016 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)

Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Why were the models placed on mats during the presentation?

BEDOUIN hopes to promote a carefree spirit, positive outlook and a sense of unity. The collection was based on a minimalist Marrakech style with Spanish and French influence, and 70’s punk inspired embroidery encouraging good vibes and cultural diversity. While planning the presentation I hoped to get this message across by experimenting with many different music genres and styling until I finally decided that having the models lay down was the perfect way to create a relaxed, bohemian atmosphere.

Do you have a favorite piece from this collection?

Honestly, I love each and every piece for different reasons! But, the piece that I love the most is the African Sun Top and Trousers, created from vibrant orange, soft peach, and white contrasting satin panels. This was one of my first sketches and the only first sketch that made it into the final line-up. It almost became the core of the collection for me. I played a lot with pajama silhouettes in silky stripes and I feel that this piece really showcases this theme.

Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

What does the name behind your brand mean?

The name BEDOUIN is inspired by the beautiful nomadic existence of the Bedouin tribes taking note of their simplicity, independence and strength. Designed with the contemporary jet-setter in mind, BEDOUIN draws inspiration from cultures, traditions, and destinations from across the globe combined with effortless minimalist silhouettes. Inspired by contrast and diversity Bedouin is a hybrid of heritage and minimalism resulting in easy to wear pieces that blur the lines between casual and evening wear.

If you had to give advice to a budding designer, what would it be?

Starting your own business is always much harder than you expect, so my advice would be to really believe in your brand before you even launch. It is important to know what message you want to portray to the finest detail. Of course, you learn as you go along and there will be many setbacks but also many satisfying moments. I always look back on every small achievement with pride because no matter what the rest of the world thinks, it is so important to be thankful and proud as without self-belief it is a very challenging industry to be in.

Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

What embodies the Bedouin women you design for?

The BEDOUIN woman has a fast-paced global lifestyle with a love for travel, music, and minimalist design. To allow her more time for spontaneity Bedouin creates flattering, easy to wear items that can be worn day-to-night and city to beachside. Designed for the contemporary jet-setter, who favors comfort, but won’t sacrifice style, Bedouin is the wardrobe of today’s neo-nomad.

What other designers inspire you?

I love the work of Stella McCartney, Phillip Lim and Celine.

A model walks the runway during the Bedouin Presentation at Fashion Forward Spring/Summer 2017 held at the Dubai Design District on October 22, 2016 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

What are the top five things, you think about before making a dress?

  1. Flattering and easy to wear
  2. The multiple situations our customer wear the item
  3. Luxury finishing and originality
  4. Causal combined with eveningwear
  5. Traditional combined with contemporary

What was it like when you first started your brand?

When I first started BEDOUIN it was difficult coming from a full-time job in Fashion working for big companies with big budgets and lots of energy. Working for myself was a challenge, but I learnt that if you are determined, work hard and be as creative as you can then it becomes much easier. In the end, it is very satisfying to know that you are responsible for the development of the brand.

How did you gather momentum and respect for your brand?

I have been showing our collections at the BFC Designer showrooms during London Fashion Week, Paris showrooms and also Fashion Forward for the last 3 seasons. I have found that this has been really helpful with building brand awareness with our clients and the press. I always strive to make each collection bigger, more creative and more inspirational. I find that it is important to be excited about the collections and our development as it also builds excitement with people following the brand.

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