Berlin is undoubtedly on of the most coolest city’s in Europe. With a growing culinary scene, 24 hour night-life and cost-effective living attracting people from around the world how could it not be a cool city? Kreuzburg was once Berlin’s poorest neighbourhood but with its ever-changing street art, gourmet coffee-houses and trendy bars it has become Berlin’s hipster hotspot.

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Hipster hotspots attract a young influx of trendsetting individuals from around the world with unique fashion. As well as being a trendy and hipster city, Berlin has countless second-hand and vintage stores selling pre-loved goods at bargain prices. Prenzlauer Berg is also known to be one of the best hipster places in Berlin and they too are renowned for having second-hand stores. As well as having vintage stores, city’s like Kruezburg and Prenzlauer Berg are very popular for having antique stores selling incredible pieces from ancient times.

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Cities like Wuhlischstrasse in Friedrichshain are home to local designers selling one of a kind pieces you wont find anywhere else in the world but for well-known fashion labels outside the city’s main shopping centre’s there is a place called Hackescher Markt in Mitte.

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