A butterfly may fly, but a black butterfly soars.

This was the statement made at Eva Minge’s Autumn/Winter 2015 Couture show entitled ‘Black Butterfly’. A collection built on the ideal of tranquillity, but also of strength.


Butterflies are an image of change, growth and power. They represent the choice to transcend and are a great symbol of the power to choose. It’s this kind of imagery that we see Minge bring to life, one where feminine and feminism become one, but also a statement of beauty and empowerment. What Eva Minge did, was create the modern woman.

Eva Minge is the prime example of the modern woman. She is fiercely driven, successful but also self-aware. Hailing from Poland, Minge’s career spans over 20 years. But it is Eva’s focus on continuing to bring her brand’s identity to life, by being able to reveal this dynamic woman in her designs.

So how does one draw an image of the modern woman? In the world of Eva Minge it is one of black and white. Two tones that are equal yet have the opposite impact. But it also allows for the focus to be on the finer details. It gives the opportunity to create texture, seen in the intricate beading of the garments, contrasting fabric panels and “wing” motifs that were sewn onto the skirts of dresses. Yet it was the silhouettes of the collection that really emphasised the fierce attitude of the collection. All garments were fitted to the female form and sleeves and skirts were often overly exaggerated – floor sweeping bell length sleeves and elegant mermaid skirts with long trains.

DSCN1061    DSCN1050    DSCN1066

Black Butterfly soared above and beyond the idea of style- it defined the image of the modern woman. You see, you just need to look beyond what is standing there- whilst she’s soft and beautiful, this woman is fierce and free.