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Blogging, shopping, researching and catching up with friends. The internet does it all, and admit it, you can’t live without it. With many people today starting blogs, over art, culture and fashion, inspiring others, it’s hard to see a life without using the internet to express yourself.

But what are we missing? Real life experiences. With that in mind, Blake Lively this week launched her lifestyle website ‘PRESERVE’. With her experiences, what she has learnt, heard and met, inspired her deeply to create this website, to let people exchange experiences and wisdom to inspire others around the world. With that, to make it more of a lifestyle related project, each story has it’s own range of products, letting consumers buy into the brand of the website, including $62 bandanna to $7.99 mustard.

However, like most things celebrities bring out, it’s to  make money. Consumers love famous individuals, and have someone to aspire to, so creating a lifestyle website and being one of the most adored actresses in the world, what could go wrong?

The concept of the site is refreshing to see, from the average fashion blog. Many other celebrities have done similar projects such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Lauren Conrad and Jessica Alba, which have all been hugely successful.


With the site just opening this week, this is what Blake had to say in her editors letter here

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jeans / $250. Bandanna / $62. Mustard / $7.99

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