Who is Eileen Kelly?

Killer and a sweet thang, a name chosen from Eileen Kelly’s favorite song has encapsulated her online identity. Eileen Kelly aka Killer and a sweet thang has had a fascinating journey from over sharing on tumblr, to Instagram fame, to creating her own website on sexual health. There is no doubt that after perusing Eileen’s Instagram, from her brazen photos to her squad of some of New York chicest, you will leave having followed and liked almost every photo.



Photo from Killerandasweetthang Instagram

At the enviable age of 20 Eileen has created her own company and used her somewhat controversial platform to spread even more awareness about feminism, social issues, positive body issues, and buy viagra for sexual health. Her Instagram page is a mix of selfies, inspirational quotes, and friends. The minute you enter her website, you are presented with a rolodex of changing images that are provocative, calming, and oddly welcoming.


How Eileen got her following

Having started off on tumblr where she amassed a large following during her high school days. Eileen explained to I-D magazine that she would spend time answering questions on sex after school and that educating people on sexual health had been a big dream of hers. The rise to the top had its pit falls, with a whole range of online hate and negative press. Yet Eileen has managed to come out swinging. Her T-shirt line that depicts photos of her is a cheeky homage to her Internet fame both good and bad.

Video Screen shot from killerandasweetthang instagram

Video Screen shot from killerandasweetthang instagram

Eileen Kelly

Photo taken from Killerandasweetthang instagram


What the future holds for her

With her followers in the 300 thousand range, Eileen continues to be a hot topic on Instagram. Still faced with hate and controversy she continues to speak out against slut shaming, and speak out to reinforce positive feminist ideology. Eileen Kelly’s combination ideology of killer and a sweet thang makes Eileen Kelly a force to be reckoned with. With her following growing along with her media coverage, she is transforming the conversation on what it means to be a young woman in 2016.



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