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Today, it is of great importance to nurture traditional craftsmanship and cherish the history it is leaving with every craft product made. All the knowledge, effort and love is evident in every movement that has been left traces by the artisanal hand, emphasizing the uniqueness of their work. Just in time for holidays, Bottega Veneta revealed a collaboration with twelve artisans from all over Italy to celebrate their skills and talent.

It is widely known that Bottega Veneta’s technique and creation is based on artisanal craftsmanship. What started just as a leather good making of the hit Intrecciato weave, has established into a modern and one of the leading high luxury brands in the world. They have been honouring us with their inventiveness and creativity for many years, but now Bottega Veneta has decided to put in the spotlight other artisans, that are forming an essential part of the Italian heritage. The project, Bottega for Bottegas, is aiming to connect the creative community with the rest of the world and demonstrate crafts that have been passed on from generation to generation for decades.

During this period, Bottega has removed its products to promote as efficiently as possible all of the unprecedented goods. From the store windows, websites to advertising, everything is focused on them, the twelve carefully picked up artisans with the stamp of Made in Italy.

Bottega Veneta is taking us on a rich and inspiring trip, letting us feel the dash of that luxurious design and craft Italy has to offer. Bear in mind that the project Bottega for Bottegas will go on even in the future. From now on, every year Bottega Veneta will reveal hidden treasures in which Italy takes pride. Now let us take a closer look at this year bottegas:

Credit: Bottega Veneta
Credit: Bottega Veneta

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