The pandemic area defiantly isn’t over. Some parts of this world are still under harsh lockdowns and other parts are suffering through their worst waves of COVID-19. But one place, in particular, is bouncing back in full swing, and it’s New York. New York just has this special something, a particular vibe of hope, recklessness, and probably also harshness which defines the city. Millions of individuals went there to find themselves, love, jobs, or just credit card debts and great shoes! Still, we all love New York, and somehow it’s no surprise to see that the city is right now the coolest melting pot of fully vaccinated sustainability dreams. 

With a place so powerful, the opportunities for collaboration and events never really stops. New York City almost gets treated like a legit state in terms of investment, support, and financial aid. The major himself appointed a COVID-19 Recovery Czar. Lorraine Grillo will coordinate different agencies and leaders to help NYC bounce back from the coronavirus. The same ‘go get it’ attitude is defiantly sparking amongst citizens and creative freelancers. While the desperation and panic during the lockdowns were almost impossible to handle for some, now many are up to be back again. Sustainability in its wider term and the whole collections of buzzwords around it are what several NYC-based projects are built on. It is no coincidence because especially creative and zeitgeist-oriented professionals had a lot of time to sit with themselves and discover their true business values in the last months. 

One of the most amazing platforms for community-based events is NYC Fair Trade Coalition. With events as online education classes or the Harlem plant swap, the grassroots organization is thriving with energy and possibilities right now. Their spring workshops are just about to start, and I can totally recommend signing up! It’s great to see how the volunteers and board members apply themselves to form a safe space for everyone who wants to slowly start participating in real-life events again. Andrea Reyes who is the chair of NYC FTC has just recently started collaborating with The SwapAteria. This event was held in a Manhattan hotel and was basically a Swap shopping experience, based on blockchain traceability and community building. What a great collaboration! 

Another great project is The Canvas. Their concept of turning empty retail spaces into sustainability hubs is exactly what the post-covid economy needs. In their Bowery location their there an actual airy last week! The event was together with Monad Agency, ADIFF, and Slowburn NYC. While Monad and Slowburn are focusing on art, ADIFF is an ethical and inclusive fashion initiative and authors of The Open Source Fashion Cookbook. This is a sustainability collaboration done excellent!

In my opinion, it simply makes sense to work with networks, because in the end instead to compete for the same resources it amplifies the chances for change. Sustainability is a work in progress, and when we want to highlight our work and get a new reach this can’t be done alone. No brand will be able to become more conscious when the people in your supply chains won’t be up for it too. No consumers will change their minds about their buying decisions unless we keep repeating the mantra of a healthy fashion future together. New York is the most wonderful example of a shared spirit in collaboration, healing, and perspective.

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