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A vibrant city that is buzzing around the clock, Berlin is the place to be. Once divided by a wall, it’s interesting to see the evolution and reinvention with the German capital offering a little something for everyone.  Whether you set your eyes on the famous historical landmarks or fancy some chill time with a barcrawl. After spending a few days in the city, here’s my list of the top hotspots and things to do; all of which can be squeezed into 72-hours on a low budget.


Brandenburg Gate

Berlin’s finest landmark, the Brandenburg gate is located in no man’s land behind the old Berlin Wall. Famous for opening its door after the deconstruction of the Berlin Wall, the gates represent a sense of peace and unity.




A must visit for creatives and eclectic people,  the town is a little more urban but hosts some of Berlin’s most beautiful artwork often found of the walls of buildings. With underground bars and quirky cafes, it makes for a perfect day and night out.



Eastside Gallery

If there’s just one place you can see, I’d advise the Eastside Gallery be it. A 1.3km stretch of the Berlin Wall, you truly get a feel for what the city was like just twenty years ago. Witnessing graffiti artwork with a political stance, it’s the perfect afternoon walk and reveals Berlin in its’ true spirit. image1

Reichstag Building

A hugely popular destination for tourists, the German Parliament is located near the Brandenburg Gates. A beautiful historic building from the outside, visitors are able to go inside and walk up the famous glass dome. Not only do you get to appreciate the wonderful architectural design, you also get a 360° view of Berlin, especially beautiful at night. (Entry is free but a prior appointment is needed and you will need your passport or another form of ID to visit).



Museum Island

The perfect opportunity to soak in a bit of culture, the Museum Island is home to five beautiful museums. The two must-see museums in my opinion would be the grand Altes that boasts ancient art and sculptures, or the Neues which is full of Egyptian treasures. This area is perfect for all budgets as some museums are free, and passes can be bought for cheaper entry if you decide to visit more than one. Once you’ve finished your wonder around the museums, a walk along the river makes for a perfect ending to the day.

museum island


Beers and a Bratwurst

Nobody should go to Berlin and not experience a drink in a traditional German bar, nor should you leave without the nation’s favourite Currywurst. To find somewhere truly traditional stray away from heavily tourist destinations as you’re most likely to find the best spot hidden on the corner of a quiet road.