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Following the death of designer Karl Lagerfeld, his namesake brand, KARL LAGERFELD, has named fashion editor Carine Roitfeld as its new style advisor. Roitfeld will assume the role of style advisor for Lagerfeld’s next 3 collections.



Roitfeld is a former model, writer and editor-in-chief for Vogue Paris. She’s worked with Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and has collaborated with Missoni, Versace and Calvin Klein. Roitfeld has also worked closely with Lagerfeld himself, which includes the co-publishing of The Little Black Jacket, a 274-page book on Lagerfeld and Roitfeld’s interpretation of Chanel’s little black jacket, as well as the unique collection The Edit By Carine Roitfeld. The new collection will be available in September 2019.



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