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Get an inside look at the main action from day 3 of Copenhagen Fashion Week (2 Feb). From Munthe’s signature Scandinavian style, to Helmstedt’s immersive fantasy experience, we capture some of the highlights of the day’s events. Photos courtesy of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Photo courtesy of James Cochrane.

Munthe AW 23

Based in Copenhagen and established in 1994, the brand’s signature style is synonymous with the ’carefree’ attitude of the cool, cutting-edge Scandinavian woman. This particular collection showcases the design that Munthe is best known for – artistic hand-painted print on feminine silhouettes combined with contrasting concepts.

TG Botanical AW 23

Tatyana Chumak created TG Botanical after experiencing a burst of creativity as the world began its attempt to leave behind the turmoil leading out of the pandemic. Comprised of 30 talented women, the brand displays a balance between natural scenery and modern technology.

Holzweiler AW 23

The brand focuses on creating timeless pieces, drawing inspiration from the creative arts, architecture, nature and contemporary culture. Holzweiler’s ethos of seamless construction is exhibited in this collection as seen below. Each new look bears a different theme to its predecessor, yet the compilation works effortlessly to honour flowing fabrics and enlarged, composed outerwear.

Stamm wins Zalando Sustainability Award for AW23

Congratulations are in order for Stamm as it comes as no surprise that they are the brand to achieve this award presented during Copenhagen Fashion Week. The brand superseded its competitors to win the €20,000 cash prize with the organisation commenting that Stamm had executed “impressive craftsmanship as well as deep understanding and execution of more sustainable practices”. Displaying an excellent balance of aesthetic expression as well as a conscious mindset, we can only imagine what an award such as this will do for the future of the brand.

Gestuz AW23

The brand was founded in 2008 by Sanne Sehested, who wanted to create a brand inspired by her own predilections toward vintage fashion and style, whilst applying it to a modern context. Combining modern with vintage, this collection is a move toward destigmatisation of gender norms around women and their appearance. This compilation of looks makes an unapologetic statement on how women should be free to explore and contrast both their masculine or feminine elements, without impeding their power or diminishing their identity as a woman.

Helmstedt AW23

The brand was founded in 2018 by Emilie Helmstedt and intersects fashion and art. Storytelling and craftsmanship are at the forefront of Helmstedt’s prerogative. The looks in this collection drive toward a creative, almost childlike perspective on existentialism. Bright colours and fabrics weave together to evoke a strong fairy-tale theme with mushrooms and otherwordly, swirly patterns at their centre. The matching set design for each Helmstedt collection has become part of the goal to create an immersive experience for its audience, indulging in a universe unlike any other.

Henrik Vibskov AW23

This collection titled ’Long Fingers to Ma Toes’ proves that slow and steady wins the race. Unconventional and otherworldly, the experience may be trying to capture an abstract message about consumerism and modern trends. Models grasped sprouting tomatoes that hung from mechanical trees wearing what can be described as pilgrim-like attire. These looks are certainly thought-provoking and difficult to make sense of, yet they contribute to a mesmerising world and set of logic; comprising one-piece costumes, workwear and suits.

Rotate AW23

This Copenhagen-based brand from Birger Christensen, partnered with influencers and stylists Jeanette Madsen and Thora Valdimarsdottir, stands out from the rest. It distinctly avoids ambiguity, with the brand’s main intention lying in the creation of covetable partywear and everyday glamour. Rotate has a clear direction, and is a response to Jeanette and Thora’s rumination over the gaps in their own wardrobes. This collection as displayed below, has the ability to be adaptive and versatile according to the function you intend. From floral mesh to sequins and metallic print, Rotate make sure they’ve got every occasion covered.

Ganni AW23

Ganni, the Copenhagen-based label run by husband-and-wife team Ditte and Nicolaj Reffstrup, is a luxury fashion brand tapping in to the seamless appeal of the Scandi style, typically seen as minimalist and laid-back yet playful and composed. Ganni is on a trajectory of progression and responsibility. In 2020, the brand launched its Responsibility Game Plan, which comprises 44 Goals to reach by 2023. This has certainly contributed toward Ganni taking a holistic and results-driven approach to its latest collection. 92% of the production volume comes from responsible styles, but Ganni are committed to boosting this figure from 92% to 100% in the near future.

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