Voranida was founded in 2018 by Voranida Rujekitnara. Voranida is a talented designer and artist who earned a Bachelor of Arts Fashion Design from Accademia Italiana, and went on to attain a variety of experience in the fashion industry. These experiences include spending time in Thailand leading fashion brands, and collaborating with established fashion houses such as Fendi and Saga Furs Design Center. She also received an MA in Fashion Design Technology Womenswear at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts. Here, Voranida shares with us her love for creativity and her journey of establishing her own brand.

When did you your passion for fashion develop?

When I had a chance to attend Bangkok Fashion Week for the very first time. I felt overwhelmed by the show at that time and did not think that I would be a part of one in real life.

What inspired you to create your own brand?

I have always known that I wanted to be a designer. After seeing several shows, I felt that it would be amazing if I could create and share something that that is both memorable and beautiful. I thought about it since the beginning of my journey but was not able to form a plan due to the huge expense and experience needed.

Who do you look up to for inspiration in your designs?

Margiela, Phobe Philo and Jw.Anderson.

How did your fashion work experience in Thailand differ from your experience in London?

The fashion industry in Thailand is centered on commercial clothing. London is one of the fashion design capitals. There, designers have to multitask, meaning they work from creating patterns to finishing garments, which is the most peaceful yet challenging part for me.

How did your work experience in Thailand influence your brand?

It raised my awareness and helped me shape my brand to be more commercial. However, the main influence in my work came from the experience I received in London through my degree and internship. I have to say it helped me to be a better version of myself in terms of design, direction of art, work and living.

What is one challenge and one reward of being an entrepreneur?

A challenge that I am still trying to overcome is a workaholic lifestyle. Fashion entrepreneurship can be tricky. You need to combine creative and business mindsets. Being included in the Helsinki Fashion Week and Paris Showroom are considered rewards for me because they allowed me to connect with more amazing people.

Did the Voranida brand become successful quickly?

I don’t think successful is the right word. I would say it was a golden year for the brand to be able to get featured in so many magazines, participating at the Helsinki Fashion Week and joining the remarkable showroom in Paris, Florence Deschamps. All during the very first year of the brand!

To what do you attribute your success?

The ability to join Fashion Week in capital cities, as well as getting picked by powerful online stores such as Farfetch and Net a Porter.

Can you tell us about your latest collection?

My inspiration came from the apron concept and history of women who worked on farms. I got fascinated with the idea of a gardener’s uniform. The unconventional workwear details and its deconstruction became the core silhouette. Fresh orange, wooden brown, and translucent nude has been introduced to create excitement while celebrating the earth tone palette for spring/summer 2020. 

How big is the Voranida team?

There is one designer and three seamstresses. My family also helps, and supported me during the business startup process.

Have you collaborated on projects with other designers?

For Helsinki, I want to highlight circular fashion as the main concept. This means that garments shouldn’t be the only materials that are caring for the earth. Shoes and accessories also have to be sustainable, responsible, and beautiful. This led me to a collaboration with Balluta Shoe where the shoes are made from sustainable materials and are animal-free.

What is your biggest goal as a designer?

To be able to expand the brand in both retail and online stores across the world, where it can be available to all women and in all nations.

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