Nobody loves jeans like the people who make them (or model them or write about them) for a living. Here, Top 5 of denim insiders talk about their favourite pieces.



Creative director of 6397, owner of The News Showroom

Over the years she has accumulated many many favourites. The number one piece changes over time depending on her mood and surroundings.

However there has been one denim jacket that has survived through the ages. The wear, tear and care that the owner or owners put into Stella finds beautiful.  Although it looks like a big man’s jacket the oversized proportions look so beautiful on a smaller person.

She found the OshKosh 40s worker jacket in LA.



Cofounder of Jean Stories 

Jane is very discisive and has stated that her ultimate favourite is Seafarer Circe Jeans.

She had to shorten them six inches and loves them because flares do not need heels if you wear them cropped like the sailors used to. (This is because original Seafarer bell was made in Brooklyn for the U.S. navy!)



Cofounder of Jean Stories

Florance’s favourite pair of jeans is a patchwork Frankenstein pieced together by hand with denim taken from several different pairs.

They have a unique historic value: They were hand me downs from her father-in-law  and they belonged to his brother.

These jeans are special to her because of the details in them. Someone spent a lot of time crafting them with love.



Founder of Man Repeller

Her favourite piece is an Acne Studio denim jacket.

Leandra got it from a men’s department at the Acne store on Greene Street and it sits perfectly at her hip line and looks better with the sleeves rolled up.

She puts the pursuit of the ‘perfect jacket’ as similar to the perfect man, but more achievable!



Founder and creative director of BLK DNM 

Johan’s favoured piece is his BLK DNM jeans jacket 5 which he made himself about a year ago.

He wanted to have a customised denim jacket that suited his frame. It is hard to find a great-fitting jeans jacket, the vintage ones can be too boxy with wrong sleeve proportions. This jeans jackets are a perfect fit.

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