There is no such a thing as a “first” second impression. So, if you are poorly dressed for a meeting on one occasion, you may very likely be out of the deal. In many areas of life, etiquette is very important. In this article, we help you to understand and appreciate the etiquette of dress, the difference between business suits and casual wear, and how to prepare all the details of attire based on the function you attend.

Attire for Men

Men should wear a suit. Darker colors, especially black, brown, blue, and gray are acceptable. With regard to your shirt you should stick to French cuffs or monograms. Remember that simple shirts are better. White shirts, off-white shirts, pale blue shirts, and even light gray shirts are perfect. Cotton fabrics are preferred. With regard to ties a traditional silk ties best and you should avoid loud patterns or colors. The tie you select should coordinate well with the attire you have picked. Avoid ties that show off a designer logo or an image. 

smart dressed man

With regard to socks you should pick a color which matches the suit you’re wearing and not something which is brightly colored or mismatched, with preference for: 

  • Black

  • dark blue

  • dark brown, or dark gray 

You don’t want to sit down only to show off six inches of your tennis sucks with your high-end suit. Make sure that your socks are long enough that when you sit down and cross and ankle you do not expose your skin. Your shoes should be polished with the heels intact. You should avoid wearing dress shoes or boots. 

With regard to casual Fridays or any other casual themed workday your clothing should have sleeves and collars for the shirts. If your company has a casual Friday policy remember that you should pay very careful attention to the specific rules pertaining to said casual Friday. Just because it has were casual and it does not mean that you should wear short shorts and flip-flops.  

You should always strive to look comfortable but professional. Subtle accessories like a scarf, belt, or jewelry can coordinate well with your existing outfit and show that you pay attention to details. You can combine pieces of your existing business wardrobe with casual clothing for casual Friday situations. You might consider wearing your traditional button-down shirt with a pair of khaki pants and loafers as a man. Member to ask yourself whether or not you are successfully representing not only yourself but your company in everything you choose to wear.

All of your clothing should be clean and pressed. It shouldn’t have holes or wrinkles. Shirts should be tucked in except for certain women’s blouses which are intended to be worn out. Body piercings should never be visible by the client except for earrings. Tongue rings should be taken out. Hairstyle should project your professional appearance. Your hair should be neatly trimmed, clean, and well groomed.

Fit Matters

Pay special attention to the fit of your clothing. Pants need to break just above your shoe. Sleeves on your shirt should reach the base of your hand and show a bit of the cuff if you wear a jacket over it. Shirt collars need to be buttoned comfortably all the way up without pinching. If you are wearing a tie the tip of your tie should reach the bottom of the belt buckle. Remember that shoes should demonstrate the same quality. Your shoes should be polished especially if they are leather. 

Before you dress in the mornings make sure that you pay particular attention to what your schedule has for that day. Never make assumptions. Even if you don’t plan on wearing a suit jacket to work that day and are going with a simple buttoned-down business shirt and slacks you should bring a jacket just to be on the safe side because you never know when a client will show up unexpectedly or meeting will be called at the last minute. When in doubt it is better to be overdressed than underdressed.

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